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How to Make Your Large Family Home More Appealing to Family Buyers

oustside picWhen selling a large home you need to show buyers its potential as the place they can raise a family and make it their own. You need have your house in tip-top shape. In doing so this can be a big task in preparing a large home. You have more rooms to clear out, and more belongings to sort through. The good thing is a large home has the appeal that buyers are looking for in a spacious home.

De-Clutter Your Rooms
Look at your home does it feel cluttered and cramped or large and spacious. Most time large homes have so much space families store more things making even a large area feel small and cramped. Sellers should throw out items they don’t want or need, and store old treasures in temporary storage. Make sure your closets and cabinets are clean and organized. This will help buyers in seeing how their belonging will fit in these areas.

Defining Family Areasden2
Make sure all your rooms are what they were originally meant for. Many times bedrooms in large homes are used as office or storage space.  If your house is advertised as a four or five bedroom they should be restored if being used as something else. Make your large living area look like a family room by removing unnecessary items.  Remove excess items from your to temporary storage leaving plenty of room for your cars.

cabientUpdating Major Areas
Updating certain areas in your home will appeal to prospective buyers. Main areas to look at are your kitchen, bathrooms, and family rooms. New hardware on cabinets and a fresh coat of paint on your walls can give these areas a more updated look.  Check your light fixtures newer fixtures can give you a more updated look. Make any basic repairs that are needed in your house.  This assures buyers your home is in good condition and been well cared for.


Curb Appeal Improvement

house2If a buyer doesn’t like what they see when they drive by they won’t even walk through the front door to see how nice the inside is.  How your home looks from the street is what attracts buyers.  Make sure your shrubs are trimmed, grass is cut.  Refresh your flower beds and add some flowers.  Make sure your mail box and front door are in good condition. Remove unnecessary items from the front porch.

By following these steps your home will show off the best attributes of a big home and help buyer envision this home for their own family.

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